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Welcome to our Parish

St Anthony’s Parish was established in 1924 and has enjoyed a revival of Catholic Tradition since the early 1980’s. Thanks to the arrival of the priests of the Society of St. Pius X in 1986 the parish has grown to over 400 strong. With a flourishing parish, primary school, boys’ and girls’ high schools and a convent of Traditional Dominican Sisters, all on the same premises, the parish is quickly expanding to meet the increasing needs of Catholic families.

Most Catholic families belonging to St Anthony’s Parish are deeply concerned about the present crisis in the Catholic Church. The alarming drop in religious and priestly vocations, the widespread liturgical abuses and the dissemination of unorthodox practices and beliefs throughout the Catholic world in the wake of the Second Vatican Council has made many Catholic families realise that a return to the timeless Traditions of the Catholic Church is the only way forward out of the crisis, and not at all a retreat backwards. The parish warmly invites all Catholics and public wishing to rediscover the depth and beauty of traditional Catholic worship, to attend any one of the ceremonies held at the Saint Anthony’s Church, Wanganui. Please see our listing for details.

Latest Parish Bulletin

St Anthony’s Parish publishes a weekly bulletin of all the ceremonies and parish activities happening at the parish on a weekly basis. Hard copies are available at every Sunday Mass.

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Latest Parish Sermon

Sermons are preached by SSPX priests on a weekly basis at the St Anthony’s church, Wanganui. These sermons are available by simply clicking the link below.

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