Cambridge International Examinations


St. Dominic’s School

Information for Private Candidates seeking to sit Cambridge Examinations at St Dominic’s College

At St Dominic’s, the process begins in February when we accept applications that specify exactly what your child would like to sit  – write to to request a copy of this application.

Candidates are accepted on an individual case-by-case basis only – we have a limited number of spaces available in our examination hall  and when they are filled, we will no longer be able to accept applications from private candidates. After confirming whether or not the courses are compatible with one another, whether they are open to private candidates, as well as whether our college is willing to host that particular syllabus, then you would receive an official confirmation of agreement for us to host your child for these examinations.

An invoice would be sent out to you in May/June.All invoices would need to be paid before entries are made or Cambridge will reject the entries. These may be paid by cheque or direct transfer. Official final entries are made in July with Cambridge and entry confirmation information sent to all candidates. Then all finalized paperwork (including examination timetables) will be sent to you about the exams in September.

Important Information from ACSNZ website for Private Candidates:

Fees Structure for Private Candidates:

In order for schools to recover the associated costs with offering private candidate examination services, a standard fee will be charged and retained by the host school. This fee is in addition to the Cambridge entry fee for any syllabus, as outlined in the Fees Schedule.

The standard fee is NZ$100 plus GST ($115 inc GST) per subject/level (excluding AS Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Note: examination entries will not be submitted if fees are outstanding. Submissions/amendments after the set deadline will incur additional late fees.