Catholic Education: Passing on what we have received

 “The thoroughly Catholic education we are giving to our pupils consists in forming their whole being to the supernatural life: in order that the whole person may be submitted to the reign of Jesus Christ in the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical sphere.”  Fr Franz Schmidberger Superior General, 1982 to 1994 Society of St Pius X


You will find on this page information about our primary and secondary schools in New Zealand. They are just two of many schools run by the priests of the Society of St Pius X throughout the world. We are the only fully Traditional Catholic school in New Zealand and very blessed to have both priests and Dominican teaching sisters as well as a full body of Catholic lay teachers on the staff. We are wholly dedicated to offering our children the very best of Catholic education and Catholic Tradition.

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary school was founded in 1994 with the intention of supporting parents of the parish in the Catholic education of their children. The school operates from years 1 to 6 inclusive, after which the children normally progress to St Dominic’s College. St Anthony’s Primary works very closely with the St Dominic’s College to ensure a seamless transition for our children from primary to high school, in all subjects.

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St Dominic’s College

St Dominic’s College is the only fully Traditional Catholic school of the Society of St Pius X in New Zealand. It is a private college providing secondary education to boys and girls. It is composed of two separate schools, St Augustine’s for the boys and St Dominic’s for girls. Students at St Dominic’s College obtain internationally recognised qualifications by following courses offered by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) in the subjects of Maths, English, History, Combined Science, Physics, Biology, French, Latin, Classics. Other subjects such as music, home economics, physical education, computer studies, etc. are offered to broaden the school’s educational scope. Since the Catholic Faith is the heart of the school, Catholic Religion classes take pride of place covering, Catholic Doctrine and Morality, Catholic Church History, Catholic Apologetics and Scripture.

To view St Augustine Boys’ school prospectus please click here.

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Cambridge International Examinations for Private Canditates



 You can contact our schools by email at the following address:

†    Parish and Schools’ Secretary
†    Dominican Teaching Sisters of Wanganui 
†    General enquiries for St Dominic’s College 
†    General enquiries for St Anthonys Primary school

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