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In 1970, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre established the Society of St.Pius X with the full approval of Rome and according to the dictates of Canon Law. The purpose of the Society is the formation of priests in a manner untainted by any trace of modern errors in doctrine, morals or worship. This site describes the work and activities of the Society of St Pius X in New Zealand. For comprehensive news about the Society world-wide, including the latest in regard to relations with the Vatican, please visit the website of the Mother House in Switzerland.

In keeping with the two thousand year old traditions of the Catholic Church, the priests of the Society of St. Pius X celebrate the immemorial Mass of St. Pius V (also known as the Tridentine Mass).

They pray daily for our Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis I. The Society is based in Whanganui, a river city and New Zealand’s oldest provincial city located centrally in the nation’s North Island.

The Society  of St. Pius X in New Zealand currently has four resident priests providing pastoral services to a large community of traditional Catholics. The Society operate three schools in New Zealand: a primary school named St Anthony’s, a boys secondary school named St Augustine’s, and a girls secondary school named St Dominics – all based in Whanganui.

The Dominican Sisters also have a house in Whanganui and are closely aligned with the Society. Currently they help run the girl’s secondary school along with a boarding school for international students.

The Superior of The Society of St Pius X in New Zealand is currently Fr. Francois Laisney.

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We are presently working on a new website which will be integrated with rich and informative content from many other Society websites throughout the world. Please bear with us as we transition our pages to this new format, as this website will not be as frequently updated.

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